FINFO is the calculated mix of the perspective of the student and the teacher to create a community that can more effectively teach young people what really matters - financial literacy. FINFO co-founder's Alex Dalton and Dr. Mark Lennon maintain a student/professor relationship while creating the FINFO community. 



Both Dr. Mark Lennon and Alex Dalton are members of California University of Pennsylvania's Business and Economics department. 

Lennon and Dalton were both members of the Founder's Institute Washington DC cohort, while also being accepted to the Silicon Valley cohort. 

FINFO's genesis came about at the 3 Day Start Up program, and has sparked a number of Financial Literacy research projects. 

Alex Dalton

Alex is an Economic's major at California University of Pennsylvania while simultaneously maintaining an online marketing business as well as Real Estate Investment.  Dalton hopes to use FINFO to empower students like himself who originate from low income communities to be empowered by financial freedom in a way that can benefit their communities.  FINFO was founded on the belief that the key to freedom is knowledge, so we've done our absolute best to give you what you need to lay the foundation. 

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Dr.Mark Lennon

Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mark Lennon is CalU's leader for the center of Innovation, an organization whose goal is to catapult student venture's into real world product offerings. Dr. Lennon's work in business and entrepreneurship put him in the position to supply students with useful connections, resources, and opportunities to fund and build ventures just like FINFO!

Who we Help

Students of all kinds who are of age to make positive financial decisions for thier future. 

How we Do It

FINFO partner's with professors and universities to bring college students an interactive community for financial education. FINFO will soon be offered in a public mobile app that will bring people of all kinds closer to financial freedom. 

What's in It for You

Finances are the number one cause of stress in the United States. FINFO brings peace of mind, financial freedom, and the confidence to live your life as you see it. 

(Not to mention countless opportunities for savings at our corporate and financial partners)