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Personal motivation is the number one deciding factor in a person's ability to learn and retain financial literacy. So we've made it easy.  FINFO provides multiple learning paths tailored to what your goals might be - whether that's getting your first credit card, buying your first car, or making your first home purchase. We walk you to these huge milestones step by step, all while inviting you into the FINFO community wherein you can find experts and supporters who are there to help. 


Financial Programs

FINFO works with respected professional's in the Finance and Education industries to put together a collection of assessments, videos, podcasts, and more to educate members. 

Intro to Financial Literacy

Credit Card

Credit Cards

Financial Next Steps

Car Front

Car Purchase

Financial Literacy Legend


Home Purchase


Our Story

FINFO was founded by Alex Dalton, a college student in pursuit of providing financial literacy to people of all kinds, and creating a community where financial goals and achievements are the center of attention.  With the help of Dr. Mark Lennon, Professor of Management and Leader of Innovation, FINFO has assembled a team of well respected PhD's and financial professionals to curate content to best suit the needs of FINFO's members. 

Together we will build the world's first community for young people to connect, train, and speak with others who value financial freedom!



Why does FINFO matter?

”If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”

Edmund Burke


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